WTS: Pivot, F1 tyres, Remus muffler & PS2 wireless control


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Letting go some of my OEM stuff due to upgrading.. :p

1) 2 pcs used F1 tires (german made) 215/40/17, 85% thread. Letting go at $200. But 01 tires got repaired nail puncture, rest assure it in good condition.

P.S. This is not thailand made tires, don't give me ridiculous quote. Thanks.

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253938266 ... LBp2MUhujW

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253938266 ... LB52hzqxTx

2) Used Pivot Volt stab for $50.

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253941136 ... LBx_TVQNnV

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253945749 ... LBlm_82F8u

3) Used universal Remus muffler & Super Dynamic tip for $90.

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253941974 ... LBhFz2Luob

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253941974 ... LBQUj6053z

Non car related

4) USed Dragonplus PS1/2 Duo Shock Wireless Controller for $20.

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253944122 ... LB4yBQ.kHy

http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000253944122 ... LBg.uQgi.5

Interested parties can pm/ sms me 91253390. Thanks :)