What happened to the free Commercial Sales folder?

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The free commercial Sales folder has been closed, and a new section called the Advertisers section has been created for paying advertisers.

As you may be aware of, there is a constant stream of advertisers in our forum offering commercial services over the past few years to the EVO community. It all started well initially, but we have certain advertisers coming in to our forum to 're-up' their threads (so that their postings could appear on the first few topics) so frequently that it seems too excessive to us.

We thank all the commercial advertisers who have profited in one way or another thru the usage of SG Evo forum (and for free) over the past 5 years. However, moving forward please contact myself if you wish to target your products to the SG Evo community.

The running of this site has always been out from my own pocket, and we think it is fair that you share your business's success with the operational maintenance of this website.

There are two types of Advertisers Package.

Standard Package
Advertisers will have access to post into the Advertisers section.

Premium Package
Advertisers will have a special sub-forum created for them - from there they can organize their own activities, advertise their own products and so forth. Advertisers will have their own exclusivity in that sub-forum.
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