TyreDog TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, External Ver.


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TyreDog TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System was previously only available on luxury sedans such as Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Lexus and subsequently made standard on models with runflat tyres. This luxury feature is now available for your car whether a family sedan, MPV or a high performance car or even for track days.

External Sensors

The TPMS is a Wireless based system that remotely measures both tyre pressure and temperature. This system automatically warns drivers should the tyre pressure or temperature go pass a set parameter that is programmable. This gives the driver ample warning before any drastic situation happens such as losing control of the vehicle due to a flat tyre or a tyre being torn to shreds because the driver was unaware of a flat tyre. The cost of replacing an expensive shredded tyre or rim is already a ROI Return On Investment for this product.

General Features

Pressure alerts when tyre pressure below or above the setting range
Temperature alerts when tyre temperature over the setting range
Easy read out graphic icon
Real time monitoring tyre pressure & tyre temperature.
Easy to Swop to Another Set of Tyres
Increase tyre expectancy
Improve fuel consumption
Increase driving safety and reduced braking distance.
Reduce CO 2
Reduce rubber wastage
Instantly detects air leakage and tyre over heat
Easy to installation (X-type)
High accuracy
Amber Backlight
Not affected by bumpy roads
User can preset the pressure and temperature range.
Uses 2 x AAA Batteries or Cigarette Lighter Plug
Operates even when the car is stationary

External Sensor, Anti Theft

The TD1000 supports four tyres and users can install this system without any mechanical knowledge and with easy to read graphic interface LCD monitor. It is the best solution for drivers to keep track of the tyres condition and maintain tyres in tiptop shape .

TYREDOG’s TPMS system is the easiest TPMS for DIY installation. The system is as simple as screwing on a tyre valve cap in less than 3 minutes. The TPMS Monitor can be powered via 2 AAA Batteries or vehicle cigarette lighter and comes with a suction cup adapter for the windscreen and dashboard adapter.


TD1000 with External Sensors RRP S$320 (Member Price Less 15% $272)

Group Buy Available.

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Easy to read icon graphics for user to understand tyre status.
Real-time monitoring allow users to have most updated tyre information.
‘Beep’ sound is to remind driver when tyre’s TPMS is active.

Reliability and Robust
All external sensors are secured with anti theft device.
Almost all components are replaceable in the case of loss or damage.
Strict environmental test has approved its lifespan can last for up to 10 years
Provides signal accessibility by providing peripheral signal integrity technology
Receiver has fuzzy to learn IDs from original sensors and spare sensors
Extremely lightweight, tiny size and special mechanical design of sensor have won TD1000A the best TPMS system in the world

External sensors allow easy change when rotating tyre and switching to a different set of tyres for track use.


1.Operating Environment:
● Operating temperature range -40℃-125℃
● Operating humidity 100%
● Shock < 1000G in 1.5m height
● Vibration 10mm 5-200 Hz in X,Y and Z direction

● Sensor is equipped with battery CR1632 3V (External Sensor)
● Battery life : 1 to 2 Years (External Sensor), 5 to 8 Years (Internal Sensor)

3.Dimensions TD1000 sensor
●Weight 10g (External Sensor), 27.5g (Internal Sensor)
● Size Length 46.6 mm x Width 23.3 mm x Height13.2 mm (Internal)
●Size : Diameter 20.5 mm x Height 20 mm (External Sensor)


1.Operation environment
● Operating temperature range -20℃-80℃
● Storage temperature range -20℃-85℃
● Operating humidity 100%
● Vibration 3.5mm 5~200Hz in X,Y and Z direction

● Power Required 12V DC (MiniDC jack) or Battery DC 3V
● Battery Life 1 Years (4hr/day)
● Battery type AAA 1.5V (x2)

3.Dimensions TD1000 receiver
● Weight 100 g
● Size L 91 mm x W 73.5 mm x H 22 mm
● LCD View size L 60mm x W 40mm
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