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swacet said:
he asked for a good tuner, each has their own preference, ECU was not the question asked
:D I second swacet's point. A direct answer is given to the direct question. :alien:

Yup, the type of ECU is also a crucial consideration. :lol:
Anyone who's been recognised as "Tuner" will be able to deliver.
They are competitive in prices and service bcos Singapore is too small to be exclusive in Service and results.

For us, we would find one who can allow us to complain like a typical Singaporean.
A handphone away to make immediate appoint to look into small issues and hopefuuly some advise and adjustments in tuning for free in future.

Honestly, we just want convenience and minimising cost.

Idle hiccup, engine stalls, engine hunts, fuel consumption, drivability unlike standard condition,... Who you gonna call? Our tuner!
And hopefully Tuner who can be friends with to get more out of them and attend to us 24/7.

Every tuner is good tuner.
But what I know for sure is... Our local Tuner will always to easily replaced by anyone who has passion to learn tuning. Surpassing them is not difficult because unlike foreign tuners, our local ones don't do marketing. Their value will always be this much and will be forced to take up job at any demand or price due to competitiveness in Singapore.
So, make ful use of them. kekeke..

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