Trying to connect Defi CU2 & Vsdx

Search the forum and it seem the ECU does not have a RPM signal as it canbus. There was a post saying to look for the white with blue trace cable of the HU for RPM. Let there as another that mention it was the VSS signal.

From my understanding the CU2 will need to tap the RPM signal and the Vsdx controller to tap the speed signal.

Or i should connect the RPM to coil 1 ignition and set the CU2 to 1 cylinder , connect the HU VSS to the vsdx speed cable and set the Defi Vsdx to 4 cylinder?

Any advise?
Hi bro, ya the vsdx have a cable for tacho and a cable for speed. Cos I was under the impression that the cu2 take in the coil pulse and set as 1 cylinder. And 4 cylinder on the vsdx.
Do u have a adjustable fuel regulator? u can connect the sensor directly

for t-fittings Any hardware shop will sell
Jus tell them u need two barb ends 10mm n a center 1/8npt threaded hole for the sensor


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Ur CU2 needs to be version 2 for VSDX to read ur tacho...u can go find Ah Yan, GT Auto, he can solve tis for u ya... ;)

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