SUVEC outing to Mersing (8 Sept 07) - Pix Intensive


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It was a wet morning as the convoy of 11 cars headed out of the dry porch of Esso (2nd link) at 7:30am towards Mersing, where hopefully clear skies will await us.

The overcast sky was clearing up as we moved out. This was good news indeed! As we bypassed towns and endured slight delays of traffic jams along the way, we gradually began to roll along at a more enjoyable pace. The roads were fairly undulating and the flanking scenery was something that Singaporeans often lack - greenery stretching to the horizon with hills and mountains dotting the landscape.

At the entrance to where one would catch the ferry to Sibu Isle, we stopped for some breakfast.

The nasi lemak and prata was excellent.... as you can see

Everyone dug in!!

There was laughter...

And there was jealousy... "hmm... his prata looks very yummy..."

And there was always some touching...

and of course, some posing...

Then, we were off!!!

But we had to make a quick detour... why?

After this quick pit-stop, we were off again...!!!

And before we knew it, we were turning into our destination

Fishing Bay Resort!

Unable to contain their enthusiasm...

Some of the SUVEC-ians headed into the neighboring terrain...

And as usual... instead of enjoying the scenery...

SUVEC-ians were discussing the possibility of a "river-crossing"

Having had enough fun, we came back to rest... and have some beer.... we got some more nice pix of the resort

We had our fair share of excitment too - especially when we had to dial for the "Bays": our very own "David Has-a-cough" and "Pamela Henderson" rushing into the boat... well, it was technically rushing, but slight delays (such as inability to simply get onto the boat) were "inevitable". Then THEY WERE OFF!!

While the rest of us, waited with bated breath...

With the excitement over, the boys relaxed in the sea for some salt therapy.

Obviously, some shared more than many of us wanted to see... (NC-16)

The BBQ was glowing and everyone sat down to eat the lovely lamb,chicken wings, BBQ pineapple, beer, fried rice, prawns, beer, sausages, beer, etc....Oddly there was no piktures of the BBQ as no cameramen/women were available to take fotos. We were ALL hungry.

For some of us, with our stomaches filled with delicious yummy BBQ food, we head back to the concrete world of Singapore

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