SPARK Motorsports Won Again in RCA MegaLAP Round 4


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Team SPARK Motorsports marked an eventful race in RCA MegaLAP Time Attack Round 4, emerged as Double Champions Victory!

Our sponsored racers, Akina Teo and Leona Chin proudly brought home double victory in both 4WD and RWD category. In addition, Akina Teo recorded the Fastest Time of the Day with amazing 2:26.527.

More than 70 cars participated in this competition, which took place at Sepang International Circuit, KL. Everyone there was out to challenge each other by attempting to achieve the fastest timing at this circuit.
Our two racing gems – EVO 7 and Nissan S15 were put in touch test during our Track Day in the same morning. The team worked hard to test and ensure the cars are reliable and tolerant in performing their best in the afternoon race.

Team SPARK Motorsports were elated that finally, all the hard work has paid off with a good result. The team is extremely proud that our racing monster had recorded two rounds of victory in RCA MegaLAP Time Attack events. In its Round 1 in Feb this year, Akina Teo had also won double champions in both categories in our S15.

Akina Teo
Fastest time of the day @ 2:26.527
1st – Open-4WD (EVO 7 @ 2:26.527)
1st – Open RWD (S15 @ 2:27.415)

Leona Chin
2nd – Open- 4WD (EVO 7 @ 2:31.582)
4th – Open RWD (S15 @ 2:39.607)

The RCA - Race Craft Academy in conjunction with internet portal has been organizing Time Attack events in Sepang for a number of years. It is a platform for Motorsports companies to display their expertise and prove themselves as well as their products on the circuit. Our participation in such Motorsports events will raise our profile in the Singapore Motorsports industry and enhance our SPARK Motorports branding.