SPARK Motorsports Won 1st&2nd Place in MegaLAP Preview Round


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On 11 December 2011, our SPARK Motorsports™ Team participated the Preview Round of MegaLAP Time Attack race at Sepang, Kuala Lumpur. We came in 1st and 2nd placement in the Open Class. There were more than 54 cars from Singapore and Malaysia ranging from Honda Civic right up to Lotus Exiga GT4. We are indeed proud to beat all these cars!

In April 2011, we also came in 1st and 3rd placement in the Formula Drift, Asia 2011 organised by ESPN.

SPARK Motorsports™ Team undertook the task of building our 2 race cars and putting our chosen experienced driver behind the wheels to achieve the best possible results with the least budget and time constraints. Our engines were built using Cosworth components as well as parts from our business partners wherever possible, using our own technical expertise in-house. Our EVO 7 was re-built from scratch in less than two months before the race.

The RCA Race Craft Academyin conjunction with internet portal have been organizing Time Attack events in Sepang for a number of years. They have planned to launch the MegaLAP Time Attack, Singapore-Malaysia Challenge in 2012. The 11 Dec 2011 Preview Race was for various participating motorsports workshops from Singapore and Malaysia to showcase the technical abilities. Our participation in such Motorsports events will raise our profile in the Singapore Motorsports industry and enhance our SPARK™ branding.