Product: RADIUM Engineering (Oil Catch Can, FST, Fuel Rail)

What's the use of a catch can?

Most people know what a catch can does, it provides an area for crankcase gasses to accumulate safely and not cause issues with the engine operation.

Piston rings do not seal 100% and as a result, pressurized gasses from the combustion process will leak out into the crankcase area of the engine, known as "blow by". This is just a fact of our modern internal combustion engine. Pressurizing the crankcase is, of course, not desireable. It can lead to blown out crank seals, oil leaks, etc. So the crankcase gasses have to be vented through the PCV system, which recycles the air back into the intake stream. The vented gasses contain oil vapor that, if not dealt with, can coat the intake tract of the engine with oil and sludge.

Introducing the RADIUM Oil Catch Can
These beautiful components are machined from 6061 billet aluminum, vibratry deburred and then anodized and laser engraved. It is a two part design, with a removable bottom that can be unscrewed and easily drained.

-Increased engine performance through cleaner inlet air
-Prevents oil buildup in the intake or intercooler system walls, throttle body, and intake manifold
-Excessive oil collection can be an indicator of a damaged engine
-Lowers hydrocarbon emissions

-CNC billet 6061 aluminum
-Powder coated aluminum mounting bracket
-Anodized & laser engraved finish
-O-ring sealed two-piece design
-Integrated oil separator
-Canister body unscrews for easy dumping of fluids
-Stainless steel cleanable and reuseable filter media
-Safe to use in pressurized applications
-Accepts 7/8-14 (-10AN) fittings
-Capacity: 8 fluid ounces
-Height (without fittings): 5.75 inches Outside Diameter: 2.45 inches

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RADIUM Catch Can Kit for Mitsubishi Evo X

This kit was specifically designed for the 2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

Unlike many catch cans on the market, this catch can features an integrated oil separator that accelerates oil condensation. This cleans the PCV gasses and reduces the oil build-up on the inside of the intake tract and intake manifold and intercooler.The stainless steel filtration media is cleanable and reuseable. The catch cans act as a filter and collect the oil and other sludge and keep it out of vital engine components.

Read about all the benefits and functionality of the Radium Engineering's popular catch cans

-Effectively raises the octane and increased engine performance from cleaner inlet air
-Prevents oil buildup in the intake or intercooler system walls, throttle body, intake manifold, etc.
-Excessive oil collection can be an indicator of a damaged engine.
-Lowers hydrocarbon emissions
-Capacity: 6 fluid ounces
-Height (without fittings): 5 inches
-Outside Diameter: 2.45 inches
RADIUM Dual Catch Can Kit - Evo X (P/N: 20-0108)

RADIUM's Dual Catch Can Kit for Evo X is made up of 2 kits:

(1) PCV Kit

(2) Crankcase Vent Kit

Both kits are closed loop systems that will not only prevent unwanted oil vapors from seeping into the cabin, it will also route clean filtered air back in through the engine to be burned and to promote negative crankcase pressure for optimal performance.

RADIUM Dual Catch Can Kit is highly reccomended for the ultimate in engine protection.

This kit is now exclusively available through Uber Garage at $635.00 (price quoted excludes GST and installation labour of $160).

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