Performance Parts and Fluid for Evo X

Hi all,

Working with authorized distibutors from UK and Australia, we have added more parts to our product range for Evo X 4B11.

Performance Engine Parts:

GSC Stage 1 and Stage 2 Cams, Valve, Valve-springs

ARP bolts

Brian Crower Cams,Piston, Rod, Crank, Stroker Kit

Manley Piston, Bearing, Rod, Crank

ACL Bearings

CP Piston

Cosworth Cam, Gaskets

Wiseco Piston


Competition Clutch

Carbonetics Clutch

SPEC Clutch

Performance Injectors and Fuel Pumps:

Full range of DW

Full range of Injector Dynamics

Turbo related Parts and Kits:

ATP Turbo

Cobb Tunning


Handling Parts:

KW Coilovers




Engine, Gear, LSD oil, Brake Fluid, Plug etc:

Top of the line Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid

Top of the line Motul 300V Competition 50/15. Latest model with metal can, not the older plastic bottle

For Mitsubishi EVO X (2008-2011)

NGK OE Laser Iridium Plugs (set of 4) Part Number: 1422 ILKR8E6

Please Drop me a PM for more details.


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