Noob reporting in....


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My car's COE is expiring in a few months and I have started to look for an EVO X.

Quite excited to own a turbo-charged car. :bounce:

I have started looking and narrowing options. Anyone has any idea what is the condition of these cars?

Or if anyone know anyone who is selling a X, please feel free to PM me anytime. Preferably looking for:
- direct owner
- 2008-2009
- 1 owner, max 2.
- I have no issues if car is/was modified as long as well taken care of.

If there is a private whatsapp group or fb group, do let me know. I would love to join a meetup if I can. :wink:


Welcome to the family!!!
If u have your own regular workshop it would be good to bring the car for a check before commiting

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