Noob needs help.. Thanks you guys


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Hi, if i were to mod my evo x gsr, which btw is full stock now, will it affect my car's own computer (S-AWC) if i were to install a stand alone ECU like motec or autronic or fcon vpro? i mean will my SAWC still work upon installing cos it messes with my car's old ecu?

is it true that after u increase your car's bhp and torque to a certain limit, say 600bhp and lots of torque, the ayc/ acd/ sawc doesn't work anymore due to sensors not able to process the increased stress and rotation and etc. -----> heard from a friend, dunno true or not that's y need advices from you all.

anyway is changing to high cams a good move? what kinda pro and cons we are looking at?

thanks in advance


Afaik, only vpro allows u to have the sawc working as yours is a GSR
RS will have no issues with Motec as u can buy a motec ACD controller n link up

No issues with sawc with high powered cars.

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