New sensation...


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The Evo is one of the longest cars I have kept. A part of me is tired of the attention (negative in my wife's books) I get on the streets... and of course from the cops (negative in both our books)

Not to mention the LTA friendly letters. (very negative)

But driving it tonight doing my almost weekly drives to the road next to the runway, I am reminded why I love driving it so much.

With the tyre rotation and the alignment done on the new shocks, it feels really good. The Flag-Ls have been re-specced for my car and it feels as comfortable as the stock suspension.. the rear doesn't feel as nervous over bumps and when I took the sweepers turning into expressways, there is a newfound confidence.


A048s are running out though. Hope it lasts till next track day with this rotation.

Gonna have to take a couple of months for the new stocks to arrive. In the meantime, may also look at Michelin's Cup semi-slicks as an option.


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The evo will make a great 2nd or 2rd car but i realised i can't live with it on a day-to-day basis in the setup which i want.

It's basically too noisy, smelly and a pain in the butt in the middle of a traffic jam for my liking!

That being said, i wud love to be like KING KAI and hav an OPC monstar to let loose in!



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I guess the smaller and cuter i will probably be good as a city car during peak hours. Not a lot of power but the lighter weight and the micro turbo will be pokey enough.. hopefully.

That will also save me the moolah on the petrol bill of the Evo which is humongous.

ps LS not bringing in Toyo R888s, which they claim are from Malaysia? Anyway, I really like the A048s and the Michelins Cups look like a pretty good alternative for around the same price range.

Looks like these tyres are not only directional, they are side specific too!