New Motorsports City Track 10 mins from Tuas 2nd Link !


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Just to share the exciting news !

New 4.5Km Motorshports City in Iskandar Johor . ... k-in-johor
If Peter Lim runs for election . I will vote for him !

Pasir Gudang's 3.86KM is too short and tight twisted for efficient cooling of turbo charged cars . More suitable for Type Rs .

Sepang's 5.54km is a bit long , even with additional HKS oil and SST coolers, my engine oil and SST gearbox temp are too hot to run more than 1~2 hard laps.
Sepang was built for F1 >300Km/h speed , down force and 2.4 litre V8 18,000rpm NA engine.

IMO , Iskandar 4.5km will be very nice for our EVOs to run 2~3 hard laps than the above 2 tracks we have now.

In 2016 , I bet both sides of the causeway will be gunning to hit below the magical 2 min mark !

No more wasting tire wear all the way up to Sepang.
No more high toll fee and extra fuel.
No more hotel fee.
No more long and tiring drive back after tracking.
But I will miss the Beach Bar and Bak Kut Teh in KL !

Cheers !


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Re: New Track 10 mins from Tuas 2nd Link !

1)Sepang International Circuit - 5.54 km
2)Motorsports City Iskandar - 4.50 km
3)Pasir Gudang Circuit - 3.86 km

Bidders for Singapore 1st permanent track :
4)SAA - 4.4 km
5)Haw Par's Sports Services - 4.2 km
6)SG Changi track - 3.80 km ... SPL040.pdf

I am glad SG Changi project didn't materialised . Their proposed track is shorter than PG !!