Lifestyle Motorsports track [email protected] Sepang 5th Aug (9am-1pm)


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Lifestyle Motorsports track day (Limited to 70 cars)


LMS is giving away 40 Alpinestar Race Balaclava (FIA Approved) to the first 40 Members who sign up for 5th August 2013 Track day. 9am to 1pm

We have both White and Black Balaclava to give away. ( First come first serve for the color)

Available On 5th Aug LMS track Day @ Sepang International Circuit

On top of it, you'll be getting the following:

1. Ur own online trackie profile, where u can access your past lap data that will be stored for u when u come for our track day.

2. Paperless transaction from Pre track day till post track day.

3. U'll be using transponder that provide u live lap timing Everytime u pass the start finish line... (Limited to First 40 who comes in early @ Sepang ) Updates u if u are faster or slower compare to ur best lap in the respective sector. The Rest will be using sic transponder.

4.And last but not least.. U'll get to register for track days Similar to buying tickets to movies online!

Register your track days at now!!!

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