Stock Wipers

Your wipers are not performing well?
Rubber wipers cannot last for long?
Like the stock wiper design, do not want to change?

Here is the solution.

You can either change the whole wiper with us at a cost of $20 or
Change the rubber refill to our Crystal silicon refill at $10.

Feel free to contact us at 67866016 for more enquiries.
Visit http://www.e-revmotorsports.com.sg for details

Redex Petrol Treatment

Function of Redex petrol treatment :

- Cleans and lubricates cyclinders and carburettor
- Remove fuel-wasting carbon and gum deposits
- Improves engine efficiency and petrol consumption
- Maintain peak engine efficiency
- Cleans entire fuel system
- Safe for catalytic convertor
- Suitable for leaded or unleaded petrol

You will notice the pickup and quietness of the engine. No more sluggish feel.

Contact us for usage procedure and details.
D1 Spec Series

D1 Spec Voltage Stabilizer Generation 2 comes with 3 Grounding Cables. The capacitance of the D1 Spec Voltage Stabilizer Generation 2 is 40,000. It is the improved version. It is suitable for all car makes.


- Increases torque at low and middle speeds.
- Stabilizes idling and improves engine kink-over.
- Improves engine response.
- Increases headlight brightness.
- Improves fuel economy.
- Improves battery life.
- Improves bass sound.

VSD IV Voltage Value improved from 12V to 16V boost up.


- The oil consumption is reduced.
- To reduce the powerless.
- It improves the torque and the speed up.
- It reduces pollution of exhausting.
Sound Proofing Service

Normal Spray can effect

7mm Nozzle spray gun effect

Below is a test carried out on a car before spraying sound proofing material on 4 wheel archs.


Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

Test carried out again after sound proofing carried out on 4 wheel archs.


We are using the 7mm nozzle spray gun so that each layer is thick and make sure all neccesary areas are evenly applied.
Wheel arch fender cowling will be remove so that maximum sound insulation can be obtain after our service.

We are offering this service on sunday. Please contact us for an appointment now.

Thanks :D

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