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Hi Guys,

Here are some of the seats installed in some cars. if you wana look this good and have a holding monster in your car, hurry down and get yours before its all wiped out.

Red EK with Vios III

Black EK with Cuga

FD2R with Vios III

Fit with Brix II

Another Fit with Vios III

Fit with our new releases *TO BE AVAILABLE NEXT SHIPMENT*

Another few Fit/Jazz with our Seats.

Some other different cars also installed them. You can view them here.
http://s688.photobucket.com/albums/vv24 ... ?start=all

Quickly get yours today before the stocks are wiped out!

David Tan
[email protected]
Re: DX - Performance

We are also providing our seats to US too.
This is one of our suppliers (As you can see all the ready stocks that are available to me. This is only 15% of what he has) having an exhibition and displaying out our GIAS.

Mishimoto Products

We carry a range of Mishimoto products

Mishimoto Racing Radiator EVO 7-9

Mishimoto Racing Radiator - EVO X

Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose - EVO 9 (Red/Blue/Black)

Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose - EVO X (Red/Blue/Black)

Mishimoto Radiator Cap - Bottle cap design

Mishimoto Radiator Cap - With Temperature guage

Mishimoto Racing Thermostat - EVO 7-9

Mishimot Racing Thermostat - EVO X
Autobahn88 Products


Autobahn88 Varis style CF Exhaust Guard (EVO 7-9)

Autobahn88 CF Front Diffuser (EVO 7-9)

Autobahn88 CF Rear Diffuser (EVO 7-9)

Autobahn88 Intercooler Pipings (EVO 7-9)

Autobahn88 Intercooler Pipings (EVO X)

Autobahn88 ARC Style Air Box (EVO 7-9)

Autobahn88 Intake System (EVO X)

Autobahn88 Radiator Hose Kit (EVO 7-9)

Autobahn88 Induction Hose (EVO 7-9)

Autobahn88 Intercooler Hose Kit (EVO 7-9)
Re: DX - Performance

Oil Cooler Kits at affordable prices!

DX Racing Oil Cooler Kit - $350 (Cash and carry only)
- Greddy/Trust Style oil cooler core (10 rows)
- 2pcs high quality stainless steel braided hoses (1.4m & 1.6m)
- Aluminum fittings
- 4 hole oil adaptor for oil cooler + sensors
- Cnc Anodized oil adaptor
- Universal for all cars

Bullseye Power

Introducing a new brand which might be familiar to some only. But generally new to majority.

Being one of the 1st to carry such HIGH PERFORMING and COST SAVING TURBOS!!!
NO more worrying of paying a huge amount to have your ball bearing CHAR replaced, no more worrying of non-rebuildable turbos! Comes in EVO styled bolt ons.. JOURNAL BEARING but spools as FAST as BALL BEARINGS TURBOS. Producing 20% more than ball bearings at higher levels!!!!!

Main website to read on: http://www.bullseyepower.com

Bullseye Power is a leader in the design and manufacturing of aftermarket performance turbochargers and turbo components. We produce the highest performing turbo components available on the market and supply components to some of the largest turbocharger manufacturers in the world.

Whether you are an industry leader or a small shop with a big idea, Bullseye Power can help with design and engineering of parts and then make them a reality. Whether you need one piece or thousands, all of our customers receive the same professionalism and precision at factory-direct pricing.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in-house and on-site which allows us to maintain maximum quality control through the entire development process.

Beginning with our own concept or a customer request, our engineering department evaluates the piece and then designs or recommends redesigns to ensure maximum performance and reliability. We use the latest CAD software to aid in part design and ensure the final pieces meet exact specifications.

Once a part has been fully designed and engineered, it is produced in our on-site foundry or machine shop. All casting patterns are developed in-house. In conjunction with 3-D solidification software, castings are produced using CNC to yield the tightest tolerances. Aluminum and steel castings ensure consistent results from every pour. For more intricate parts or those where finish is paramount without machining, we offer Lost Wax and other casting options.

The design and engineering of a part are useless if the piece is not produced with a material that will let it operate reliably in the function for which it was designed. We are able to pour many types of metals and can help you decided which will be best depending on the application. To guarantee integrity of poured pieces and maintain high quality control, parts are X-rayed after being removed from castings in order to verify that they contain no imperfections.

Once cast pieces are verified, any parts that require finish work are moved to our state-of-the-art machine shop. All machining for castings or parts is performed in our high-tech machine shop using all CNC to guarantee repeatable machining as well as exactness of tolerances, dimensions and finishes.

You can be sure that turbochargers, components and all parts produced by Bullseye Power are the best performing and highest quality available in either the OEM market or aftermarket.

There's lots of sizes, hp, styles you can choose from... GT28 sized all the way to GT42 size...

To Be Continued...
Part 2: BullsEye Power Turbos

Bullseye Power turbos comes with a solution for 4G63 owers who doesn't want to spend $ modifying their Manifold and DP.
A direct fit for all stock turbos/turbo manifold users on certain sized turbos.
Example: When you buy Bullseye Power turbo with Evo/Dsm Flange,
no need to buy turbo manifold.. already $.. then Down Pipe still Std.. Save Ur $ again...No need water Cooling..SAVE another load of $ on extra piping work ....Built up ur engine HP is priceless..not Pricy

*Plus point for BullsEye Power Turbos:
- Thrust Bearing instead of Ball bearing. But still spools as fast as a BB Turbo...
- Direct fit for most EVO applications
- Save $ for modifications to fit in the turbo for stock turbo/Manifold/DP users
- More HP produced compared with BB turbos
Part 3: BullsEye Turbo

BullsEye Turbo Aka Borg Warner S256(GT3071R) Dyno Results.

Dyno Graph 1
Car: 2003 Evo 8
Engine: 2.0L
Fuel: 93 octane
Turbo: Borg Warner S256 / Open T3 .55ar Stainless Turbine Housing
Intake Manifold: Magnus (Street)
Cams: Tomei Pro 260 / 11.5ex, 11.5in
Max Boost: 22psi @ 4500rpm
Atmospheric Temp: 92Deg
Relative Humidity: 2.7%

Dyno Graph 2
Car:2004 Evo 8
Engine: 2.3L
Fuel: E85 octane
Turbo: Borg Warner S256 / Open T3 .70ar Turbine Housing
Intake Manifold: HKS Kansai
Cams: Crane 280 / 12ex , 12in
Max Boost: 23psi @ 4800rpm / 26psi @ 5000rpm
Atmospheric Temp: 77Deg
Relative Humidity: 22%
More accessiores availabe here! NRG Quick Release Kit


This is the real thing for quick releases! FROM USA only.

Quick Release Kit Gen 2.5

Quick Release Kit Gen 2.0

Quick Lock

NEW!! Quick TILT!!!

Short Hub (Vehicle specific)

After installation, this is how it looks. Short Hub + Quick Release.

Drop me a mail to check if the short hub is available for your car.. Most cars available.
OUT NOW!! Available already!

Here are some of the limited GOOD STUFF at a good price. Clearance sale from one of the suppliers! Offer till MONDAY(27th of July). First come first serve basis.

Bullseye Power Turbos
1 x Bullseye Power T3/T04E 57 trim .70ar 3" V-band Turbine housing - $1200
1 x Bullseye Power S252 (GT28R) Stainless Steel External Wastegated T3 Housing .55ar SS turbine housing - $1700
1 x Bullseye Power S256 (GT3071R) T3 .76ar Twinscroll (Divided) Turbine housing - $1800
1 x Bullseye Power S259 (GT3076R) T3 .76ar Twinscroll (Divided) Turbine housing - $1900
1 x Bullseye Power S259 (GT3076R) T3 .55 SS turbine housing - $1950
1 x Bullseye Power S480 (GT4788) 1.32ar 96mm Trim - $2000

Hurry and get them now! Email/PM me if you need more details on the Bullseye Power turbos.