Chao CMI drivers


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Haiz.. today driving along Upper Bukit Timah and cruising ard 70+ when some MORONIC SUNNY DRIVER saw me coming and still decided to come out of the U Turn... KNN lucky for my TWR brakes. Came to a stop abt a foot in front of him. CBz..

Then this asshole proceeded to drive out and then cut across 3 lanes across a double white line to try to filter to the PIE exit.


Fark man!!


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Thats the freaking thing that I hate most!!!....jus kena the same coming down to rochor flyover!! Bloody Merc, stopped on the 2nd lane

....moral of the story, first mod for any cars.....BRAKES!!!


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That's why u need big turbo with external wastegate.....go scare the shit out of him!!! kekekeke :D


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m3lon said:
strangezz said:
kai3323 said:
axl said:
Sunny drivers sux!

Evo drivers rox!

Rah... rah... rah! :lol:
Later the Blue Sunny Grand daddy M3lon come jeep you!!:D
I thot M3lon got a Mazda3 V-Spec C Type RS? keke :twisted:
All driver without BRIDE SEATS sux!!!! huh huh huh lolx :shock:
my cheebic can chiet Axl one piece one piece liaoz...

So M3Lon's sunny... confirm chiet Axl .... 40 tiang....

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