CBRD Got's Balls- All New BBK New Ball Bearing Turbos

Ball Bearings that is--- for the BBK (Billet Blue Kompressor) line of turbochargers...

The time has finally come for our official release of the Ball Bearing MHI turbochargers produced by CBRD and Blouch Turbo-

It has taken almost 1.5 years to get the formula right for release--- and it was a strong learning curve- but they are here.

The main 3 turbos options are:

(upgraded 47-48 lbs min compressor and 11 blade turbine, same as current full but with BB upgrade)

CBRD BBK-B (upgraded 56-57 lbs min compressor and 11 blade turbine)

CBRD BBK-C (upgraded 60-61 lbs min compressor and larger 11 blade turbine)

Optional Options are-

CBRD 3.5" Anti-surge Cover

CBRD High Pressure Actuator

CBRD Ported Hotside

Do call me @ 8222 2323 if u have any queries...


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