can A evo9 GSR use a GT stock ecu ?


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Seriously speaking, I don't think the ECU has got anything to do with the SAYC function.

Basically, the JDM Evo 9 GT comes with the Ralliart ECU which uses the 8998 0000 Rom ID. The JDM Evo 9 GSR uses a different Rom ID 8857 0008. Interestingly, they both read off the same parameters and I am able to copy the entire Rom data off the 8857 0008 to use on my Evo 9 GT.

However, there are still some minor differences within the circuit board between a GSR ECU and a Ralliart ECU but I doubt that will be a problem. There have been cases in the US whereby such swapping has been successful.

The only problem you might face after you swap is the immobilizer code that may prevent your car from starting. If you are using after market ECU, then it will be hard to locate your original immobilizer code and the other thing you can do is to disable it.


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If I'm not wrong, the AYC and ACD is controlled by a separate ECU on the car. Hence as Lmodel said, it could work.


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AhBao9388 said:
Digging a 5yr old thread.
Where can i find the rom file to this Ralliart ECU for E9 GT? hehe
Bro, back to the Evo after a good X years? Call me and I can send you mine.


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