Fucking liar cheater scammer backstabber loanshark runner etc., What? Ask us to watch out ah? 叫我们小心?

Well here's a list of our own encounters with this bloody cb conman ;

- found out about this lately only: we sold our previous ride (Accord Euro R) for 45k (consignment vehicle), he helped us find a buyer real quickly (well kudos) but told us the buyer offered 41k. Ok our fault, we didn't really care cause we just wanted to get rid of the car quickly so we just ok la BUT ended up; me found our buyer, buyer said he bought the car at 43k. BEAR IN MIND it was a consigned vehicle, the car was ours until the very day the paperwork was signed over to the new owner. So lucky fuck this bastard! Apart from earning 2k from scamming us he got his bloody commission too!

- Ok so after which we got our evo. Nothing to complain about becoz THANK GOD the car was perfect. When we viewed the vehicle it was on AP Racing 6/4. We wanted it together with the car but no.. conman said he was gonna dekit it because it's fake or whatever fuck or the ex owner want it back I can't remember but okay fine. We got on with our lives. We befriended Mr. Conman and lo & behold, within a week HE HAD AP RACING 6/4 ON HIS GTT (NOT GTR HOR)! Wah, sibei coincidental hor! Same color 6/4 somemore leh! Well.. did some digging. Its a real AP. He didnt inform ex owner that he was gonna dekit and wenr to use it for himself. Even lying about it....... hello, no money get calipers just say la. Still tell us brand new lol please we not stupid kayz.

Oh. Just to share we are no longer affiliated with him hor. So please ah. Dont label us as his friends or his driving group. It's an insult to our integrity. Kumxia. Also Gloss Element is Gloss Element he is not the fucking self proclaimed MD okay.

Well. Thats just a part of our story. Sorry for being so lengthy. Here's a list of shits this backstabber is capable of doing:
- Quoting own friends admin fee of 1.5k for COE RENEWAL (wow such pricey admin fee)
- Dekitting items from cars that people consigned to him to sell/use without the owners knowledge
- Talks about how fast his car really is when well... you know, nothing personal, but HAHAHA
- Drive car for so many years, got reverse cam yet can't see shit & BANGING into my friend's GTR and refusing to pay for it and admitting it
- People consign car to him he drive out and go rounding (wa this one lagi power, you can anot)
& the list goes on.. (refer to attached screenshots, i'm sure everyone here has their fair share of experiences)

Well boys and girls here's a list of things you gotta do;
- If he owes you money, now's the time to take back because heaven knows what's gonna happen to him next? (Cantonment maybe?)
- If you owe him money, now is the time to pay him back because you gotta know his debts to others are way bigger than your debt is to him so be the bigger person ok!
- If your vehicle consigned to him and you bo chup hor, you better go see he never take your car go around fu chu fu chu~
- If your vehicle consigned to him BUT you're still driving it, thank heavens! But you know what to do now!

^ AND this is not the end of the story yet.
DID I TELL U ABOUT HIS MENTALLY ILL 'WIFE' (note the inverted commas)?! Omg she is the bomb man! Somebody who makes no sense and yet wants all the attention in the world. Taking charge of a business which is not her's, making decisions for someone who is not her husband. Ok but that is a whole another story. Whatever, bitch.

人人说你可以幸运一百次, 但如果你倒霉一次那就 GAME OVER.

Eh dont send stupid voice note and threaten threaten who more teng lah. Owe ppl money borrow ah long very teng ah? #throwface. Borrow money from parents need IOU ah? Hahahahahah take ppl backside stick own face. Kanina. & please la dont call me or my bf say want keep us as friend because we worthy. We dont need thanks.


P.s. feel free to share

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