[Best Motoring March 2008] Tsukuba Battle GTR vs Euro

Strangezz said:
Dunno why they put in Nsx-R for what.... :shock:

haha!! my thoughts exactly ... they could've put in the normal Gallardo la ... better that way right?

Gallardo SL, Gallardo, 911 GT3, 911T and GTR ... NSX like out of place IMHO ....
on a different vid posted in the UK forum, GTR manage a best time of 1.01.899sec, while here only manage 1.02.xxx

in that same vid, the 911 did a best time of 1.03.xxx (if i rem correctly) while here only did a 1.04 (or was it 1.05) which is 2 sec off the pace..

maybe the tyres where just too cold....

regardless.. its still a fantastic time...keiichi is the man!


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Watching the full episode now.. and there's quite a lot missing from the YouTube rips..

First of all, the slalom run was quite interesting. The GT3 was understeering through the cones, the Turbo was oversteering, with the Superleg posting the fastest time, GTR second.

Then they did this bohliao segment called supercar checklist.

First check: car horn (in terms of aggression)

Winner: Turbo
GTR was slightly higher timbre than all the European supercars. NSX was terrible... like a toycar!

Check 2: rear view mirror approach (in terms of aggression)

Car in front is a Subaru Legacy and each supercar is rated on how aggressive it looks in the rear view mirror.. coming from behind

laugh until penz and winner was Gallardo!

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