At 11.30(AM)!!!!!You know what happened??


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Driver arrested for ***DRINK DRIVING*** after crashing car into Police Land Rover.....

STOMPer Dave saw this accident, apparently between a Land Rover with a Police logo on it and another car at the junction between Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 and Avenue 5 at about 11.30am yesterday (July 10).

He said:

"I saw this accident at 11.30am just outside NYP along Ang Mo Kio Ave 8.

"It was very bad as you can see from the pictures...hope nobody was hurt."

In a reply to a query from STOMP, Police said:

"In response to media queries, Police confirmed that a 31-year-old Chinese man was arrested for drink driving, after the car he was driving collided into a Police Land Rover at the junction of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 and Avenue 8 on July 10 at about 12pm.

"The said driver had failed a breathalyser test conducted at the scene.

"The driver was uninjured, but the 21-year-old female passenger in his car suffered injuries and was conveyed to the hospital where she is warded for treatment.

"The lone police diver did not suffer any injuries.

"Traffic Police is investigating the incident."


Haha. Normal what. Some people enjoy having drinking session marathon or maybe because he had too much the previous night and the alcohol level in his body still not yet been purged or digest.

21 yr old female passenger? Hmmmm.. Confirm happening liao la. Hahahaha.. Drink and drive?? Well..... really deserve to be jailed. Government to pass the law all drink driving offence having mandatory jail terms and not wait till the second offence!


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haha, anyway, normally when police asked u where you are heading to when you get road blocked, tell them you are going to meet your friend, cos if you say you are going way home, sure kena test first. I am not sure whether u think alike....


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No use telling them where you are going. The reason they ask you where you are going is so that they can stick their head into the car and smell your breath when you answer. No best method to try to escape.

Now they form ring around the drinking spots, best to go coffeeshop and drink.. Haha.. (Just joking)

Think should not drink then drive. Esp for sporty cars and our Evos... Once they see these cars, they sure ask you to stop.

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