APi Racing Sepang Trackday 2013!!! (11th May 2013, Saturday)

Ladies & Gentlemen, we proudly present... The APi Racing Sepang Trackday 2013!!! Yes, the Annual Event for the consecutive 3rd year is now opened for registration!!!

- Event: APi Racing Sepang Trackday 2013

- Venue: Sepang International Circuit

- Date: 11th May 2013 (Saturday)

- Time: 1pm - 5pm (4 hours Slot)

- Available Slots: 60 (Whilst slots last)

- Track Fees: SGD$280 (With Qstarz GPS Lap Timer. Limited to First 40 cars only)

- Transponder Deposit: SGD$50 (Refundable upon return)

- 2nd Driver Fees: SGD$50

Registration and payment can be done at BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd (Cash) and (Credit Cards/Paypal) done online this time round via:


Step 1: Sign up and Input Details
Step 2: Select Track Event
Step 3: Select 11th May 2013 (APi Racing Trackday)
Step 4: Agree on Terms and Conditions (Sepang Declaration Form to cut down registration time on the trackday itself)
Step 5: Click 'Pay now by Paypal' (Credit Card users also to click on this)
Step 6: Select Payment Mode

**Kindly wait for the Confirmation ID Page after transaction is done**

Official Organisers:

1. APi Racing Asia Pacific - Ah Boy (9734 8015)
2. Lifestyle Motorsports - Niki (9112 1145)

Official Partners:

1. Total (Marketed by Wins Autosports)
2. BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd

Participating Workshops (Tentative):

1. H Tyre Pte Ltd
2. Horizon Auto Tuners Pte Ltd
3. Motec Auto Accessories
4. Motor Clinic
5. MTE Tune Engineering
6. BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd

Participating Brands (Tentative):

1. Total - Marketed by Wins Autosports
2. NRG - Marketed by Vision Warehouse

Official Magazine: REV Magazine

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