Anybody deal with this khooyi b4?


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Seem like Tis guy like to low ball ppl alot.
Around 9 months ago lowballed me( his num n nick aldy in my black list)
Now come back low ball me again
Below is our watsapp

Kh:hi interested in ur fp black
Me:yes still hv,when u wan to view
Kh:can negotiable?condition ok? white smoke.juz taken out fr my car
Kh:gt pic
Kh:ic.Bro looking at 700 cash and carry
Never reply him after tat
The nxt day text me again
Kh:Hi morning
Lazy to reply him as knowing he is a waste timer
2 days later text me again
Kh:bro 800 can deal?
Knn aldy offer my best price
He still trying very hard to low ball me


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On 20/11/2015
On my carousell forum
Selling My Evo 9 Carbon fender @ $600.

Khooyi :make an offer $100
me: throw alr
Khooyi : make an offer $10
Khooyi : Haha fk off

Under carousell nick name: khooyi
Facebook nick name: khooyi
Hp number 93887636
Stay at serangoon area driving Red Evo 9
bloody fucker!!! talking about how good he is in evo... came to view my evo n know nuts about it.. offer me a price then tell me must test drive n see how the ride.. i think he nv drive fast evo before just wan to anyhow test ppl car... tell him got deposit a not then talek,... tellme how his malaysia evo how fast but pcb the evo not his name... get a life bro!!! sorry u not worth be call bro !!! get a life bloody fucker lowballer... stop go around telling ppl how good u r etc... with that cb face of urs , u r good at drug not drag. u not happy u shpukld know who i m bloody cb call me dun come n mess around with ppl here if u dun have no i give u 81619787
He contacted me regarding items I was selling on behalf of a friend. Even though clearly stated fixed price, he insisted to test first before negotiating. Also wanted to check for himself before bringing to workshop. Felt that he would be quite troublesome to deal with and he couldn't meet my timing. Fortunately, my friend managed to sell the item himself first. Wouldn't have entertained him further anyway.

And look at the irony of his SGCarMart ad :lol: