About to scrap my EVO 9 - anybody interesting buying it?

Hi all, I have 1.5 months COE left in my EVO 9 and figuring out the options how to scarp it (I am foreigner and not too familiar with this). Understand that dealers may be interested of buying it with paper value + $$$$? Can someone give me answers to following:

1. Please give me contacts (or advice where to get contacts) to dealers.
2. How much above paper value you can expect to get roughly?
3. Heard rumours about bouncing checks; can you get cash payment or cashier's check from the dealers?

Car has milage of 117K km and I am the only owner. Standard condition e.g. no modifications. Its in good condition except some external small scratches (from opening doors etc.).

Would appreciate advice with those 3 bullet points. Also if anybody, individual or dealer is interested of my EVO 9, please message me.


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