Hi all,

I am the only Authorised Broker for Deatschwerks Fuel Injectors in Asia. I recently brought in a set of 870cc Deatschwerks EVO Injectors to ascertain whether they fit the EVOs found here, and they do!

Initially, I intended to bring in some Deatschwerks Fuel Injectors to sell to you EVO owners, but I have since put that on hold, because I am concentrating on SubaruClubSg. ( If you can access that forum, you'll see that I'm a credible vendor there will many things for sale )

As such, I am willing to let go of this only set at listed price and shipping. The buyer will be the only one in Singapore who can get this reknowned, reputable set of injectors at this price, besides me, because you will save on 7% GST and 3% Paypal fees, which adds up to another 10% in additional costs. PM for pricing or email me at [email protected] ( Email better ), it's too low for me to post here. Please, go research more about Deatschwerks in American forums. They are popular over there.

PRICE IS $550 neg.!

I'm talking about BRAND NEW, STILL IN PACKAGING, FLOW TESTED WITH FLOWTEST REPORT injectors. So let me know if anyone's interested, yeah? Thanks!

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Flowtest Report from Deatschwerks that came with it. Note: They give each injector flow rate and avg = 876cc. Low impedance.

Brand new in packaging!

Close up of single injector