25th Feb Fifth Gear Episode to feature the GT-R

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More motoring thrills and spills as Fifth Gear continues its 13th series, with Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tom Ford, Tiff Needell, Jason Plato and Jonny Smith at the helm. This week, Jason gets his hands on the much-anticipated Nissan GT-R. Vicki compares two elegant minis; and Fifth Gear conducts a world-first crash test.

After a long wait, Nissan have finally launched the latest version of their legendary Skyline, now renamed the GT-R. Jason Plato delivers his verdict on the 473hp car that recently lapped the famous Nurburgring track two seconds faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Vicki Butler-Henderson is on Anglesey to stage a Fifth Gear shoot-out between two super-chic superminis: the BMW Mini One and the Fiat 500. Both have won acclaim for their clever retro styling, but which is quicker on the track?

In the last five years, motorhome sales have risen by 70 per cent, and when it comes to the smaller models, VW is the leader of the pack. But which VW should the discerning buyer choose – old style or new? Tom Ford and Jonny Smith attempt to answer the question by pitting the iconic Danbury Rio against the modern VW California. They throw themselves into the task by spending a winter night alone in their respective motorhomes in the Welsh mountains, with only the onboard facilities to keep them warm and fed. Which van is the best when the going gets tough?

Tiff Needell, meanwhile, gets to grips with the £77,000 Audi RS6 Avant, a highly practical family estate car with permanent all-wheel drive and a 570hp V10 Lamborghini engine. This car is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – but just how wild is the animal that lurks beneath the surface?

Also this week, Fifth Gear conducts a world-first crash test to find out what happens when a car collides with a tree at 60mph. Modern cars with five-star safety ratings are excellent at protecting occupants in collisions with other cars, but thousands of people die each year when they drive into roadside objects like trees or lampposts. Roads with unfenced hazards like these are now being given star ratings, so Fifth Gear investigates why a five-star car does not necessarily save you if you crash on a one-star road.


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5th Gear is one of the most boring driving programmes I have ever seen. It's gotten much worse in Season 13, and the presenters feel so fake, unlike the spontaneity of Clarkson and gang from TG. I have never been so bored watching a review of the GTR :(


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Indeed. Someone should ban Fifth Gear for being a health hazard. I'd willing to wager that if I locked someone in a room with nothing but the last 3 seasons of Fifth Gear playing, he/she would kill him/herself before 2 seasons are up.

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