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    WTS : stock front bonnet

    Hi all got 1 stock bonnet yellow in color for sale. Pls offer. 85008028. Thanks. *SOLD
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    WTS : front stock strut bar

    wts front stock strut bar...$80... original voltex side skirt righthand side only...$150
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    WTS : stock parts.

    HI all, got the below items to let go, 1) stock boot and rear spoiler (red)...$600 2) stock bonnet (yellow)...$400 5) stock front fenders (left and right)...$200 6) stock side skirt (left and right)...$200 pls contact mi at 96257667, Thanxs.
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    Wts: Defi white face

    Wts 3x Defi white faced meters. Oil press, oil temp and turbo with control unit with all holders, sensors and wirings. $600 96257667 thanxs
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    Wts : Defi meters and blitz BOV

    Wts 3x Defi white faced meters. Oil press, oil temp and turbo with control unit with all sensors and wirings. $650 Blitz BOV with box. $150. *SOLD 96257667 thanxs
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    e9 gearbox

    I offer $90 can??
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    Wtb : Original Voltex Side Skirt.

    Hi all. Looking for original left-hand side skirt or a pair of voltex side skirt. Anyone selling pls contact mi at 96257667. Thanxs.
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    Wtb : stock evo9 Rear bumper

    Hi all. Anyone selling stock evo9 Rear bumper (any color) pls contact mi at 96257667 with ur price. Thanxs.
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    1st Club Decal Collection Meetup.

    Here we go! Those who are in the 1st 100 will have piority to the club decal! Date: 25th Feb 2011 Venue: Carpark infront of Kallang leisure park facing 7-11 Time: 730pm - 9pm (i dont wanna stay too long unless there is crowd) Please lookout for a RED Audi Coupe Please make effort to come and...
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    Wts : stock piston for evo9

    Wts stock piston only for evo9. $100 96257667
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    Wts : EVO9 wide body kit

    Wts the following items: 1. Original APR wide rear bodykit. Consists of both rear door with plastic windows and add on wide rear fender. $1200. 2. Original Varis wide front fender. Pls offer. ... index.html