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    WTS: Ohlins DFV + Swift Springs set

    Hello, I'm selling a used Ohlins DFV (none R&T model). Suspension has been used for 60,000km on the road only with no leaks so far. The suspension comes installed with Front (12KG) and Rear (10KG) Swift Springs and includes an additional set of 7KG Swift Springs should you decide to experiment...
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    Christmas Sale

    Upz for you my friend.
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    Camp2 warning display

    What's your Pioneer HU model?
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    Good cheap respray?

    Lol as long as the car is started, alternator is always charging the battery, surge or not. To eliminate the chance of shorting the alternator charge to the car frame or the worker, a proper isolation of both points of the battery connection needs to be in order before the car is started up...
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    Good cheap respray?

    3. Start car. Disconnect battery terminals, remove battery. Put in new battery and reconnect. HU settings remain. No need for extra battery but riskier then 2.
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    bonnet pin

    There's only one brand anyone should use if they value safety... Aerocatch!
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    WTS: Genuine Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 'X' Emblem

    7 pieces available at $25 each cash & carry or $30 with proper installation included. This is a genuine Mitsubishi UK badge, not a cheap copy. Fitted as standard on all UK Evo 10 models on their trunk. Top Quality 100% Genuine Mitsubishi product supplied by a Mitsubishi dealer in Mitsubishi...
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    Need suggestions: car after evo X sst

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    WTB: 2008/09 Evo X SST

    Indeed. The funny stuff people feed their SST gearboxes these few years only make the search that much harder. GLWS and welcome back, again. :D
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    WTB: 2008/09 Evo X SST

    Welcome back. :twisted:
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    WTS: Items to clear