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    WTB Genuine ganador carbon mirror for evo 9

    As per thread title, looking to buy a good condition genuine carbon ganador side mirror for evo 9. Feel free to WhatsApp 8138 four 7 four 7
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    Looking to rent Evo 9 for 4-5 days

    Hello, I'm looking to rent an Evo 9, preferably white, from 30th July to 2nd August for my wedding. Do PM me if you know anyone renting out Thanks in advance!
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    WTB DEFI Gauges

    Looking to buy new/used Defi Amber 60 mm BF gauges, Boost and oil pressure/oil temp. With all necessary equipments. Best is have boost adaptor as well. Whatsapp at 8138 4747 to discuss Thanks, Benjamin
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    WTB DEFI Gauges

    Upz upz. Anyone???
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    WTB DEFI Gauges

    Looking for Defi 60mm amber boost gauge and oil temp gauge, with all necessary wires and controllers, less the stand. Looking for boost tap if available as well. Drop me an sms at 81384747 to discuss. Thanks!