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    WTB Evo X brake shims

    Looking to buy Evo x brake Shims
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    WTS: 18” BBS Evo X Rim

    18” 8.5j offset 38 original Mitsubishi BBS Selling with tyre $800 Pm for more detail
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    WTB: Rim

    Looking to buy 18” rim 9.5j ET22/15
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    WTS Invidia Exhaust

    Invidia exhaust with cert require swap
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    WTB HKS Hi Power

    Want to buy HKS Hi Power With Cert
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    EvoX items and rims to sell

    Keen in your HKS Camp2 & AEM A/F gauge
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    WTT Invidia for HKS HiPower with top Up

    Looking to buy/trade HKS HiPower exhaust with Invidia plus top up.
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    Looking to buy Evo X SST

    Preferably 2009-2010